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I'm promoting my revolutionary 3-Step Method to stopping lower back pain for good and want to give you an opportunity to get straight to real results.

The key to stopping back pain lies in 3 unique methods that reshapes and rejuvenates the spine.

My one free exercise is great (and you can find the link to it below)...

But for those who are serious and want to fix your body quickly without wasting time, energy or money, I want to give you an opportunity to get fast results right away at no cost.

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Let's face it, every person is unique and requires a unique program for maximum results. And that's what this workshop will do. It will help you know what's exactly right for you.

Even if you've been told it's...

- Arthritis
- Slipped or herniated disc
- Sciatica
- Spondylolisthesis
- Nerve root irritation
- Sprain/Strain
- Lumbago

...that's just a label and not a true explanation of what's causing it.


- The true source of your back pain
- How to avoid the common mistakes that make it worse
- Why x-rays and MRI's don't tell the whole tale
- Answers to your most burning questions
and more.

There's nothing to buy. No strings attached. It's just a chance for your to improve and see if we are a good fit for each other.

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Success Stories

"You saved my life.
I felt such despair before I came here. The first time I came here, when I left I felt like a different person. My pain level was immediately 90% less. I was suffering from depression but now I’m not. I’m a different person. Basically I feel you saved my life. I don’t know how I can thank you enough. I really don’t.”
- JW (Lower Back Pain)

I’m amazed at the progress that I’ve made!
I had given up all hope of ever feeling normal again even though I’m not even 40. But I’m amazed at the progress that I’ve made. It rained all weekend long and my back didn’t even hurt!
- Kelly (Arthritis of the spine)
Introducing James

Hi, I want to introduce myself. I've been helping people stop back pain for over 22 years and recently opened up a center on back pain and weight loss. Helping people revitalize their spine, and their life, has been extremely rewarding for me. It's what I've come to know as my purpose.

I have extensive training on anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, kinesiology, nutrition, exercise, pain relief and weight-loss.

A little bit about myself...
I have two kids named Cozy and Mac. They are 5 and 9 respectively. We enjoy rock-climbing, drawing, playing at the park, playing guitar, and rollerskating. They're a blast to play with.

We like to eat healthy and be active but we're not excessive about it. I believe in enjoying life but not getting sucked into the vacuum that gets most people.

I am a blackbelt in martial arts (Tae Kwon Do). Used to be a powerlifter. Graduated with a Masters in Physical Therapy.

But this isn't about me. It's about YOU and your chance to make a change in your life.

Here's the address to my "Lab" in Lewisville. See you soon!

31 Main St. Anywhere, Dallas, TX 75057  •  (800) 801-4511

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