In an effort to promote his revolutionary weight loss & health method, Jimmy is giving away 60 4 vouchers for only $27

Discover the Fastest, Easiest & Scientific Way to a Lean, Tone & Healthy Body

Using the Same Science Leveraged By Athletes, Celebs, & Elites

Even if you have...

-Stubborn Fat That Won't Go Away

-Joint Aches & Pains

-Failed in Other Programs Before

-Parents Who Were Overweight

Especially if you have...

-High Cholesterol

-High Blood Pressure


-Thyroid Issues

-Hormone Imbalance

-Low Metabolism

-Sugar Addiction

-Lack of Energy


These are just labels and not an explanation of what's causing it.


Sept 24 (Tue) at 6:30pm

This is Specifically For...

People Who Want to Improve Their Body & Health

With a True Fix Without Spending a Lot of Time, Energy and Money

The Key to a Lean and Tone Body...

lies within a unique approach called the "3D Method". It rapidly turns on the fat-burning switch and primes your body for maximum health and weight loss. It works on even the most stubborn areas like the belly, thighs, and hips.

Don't Trust Your Body to Just Anyone.

WHO you choose to help fix your body makes the difference between success and failure.

This is an opportunity for you to get straight to real results without wasting any time or money.

Most Attempts Fail

According to Forbes, Surgeon General, and U.S. National Library of Medicine, most programs don't last and don't work for the long term.

People are spending a lot of money and time on things like*...

- Fad Diets

- Lengthy Exercises

- Gym memberships

- Personal Trainers

- Youtube Exercises

- Doctors

- Equipment

- Infomercials

- Pills

- Supplements

But these are proven to be temporary at best requiring a person to do them forever which adds to the frustration and cost.  Some don't even work at all (and some cause you to gain even more weight*).

*See scientific references below.

Avoid the Common "Traps"

Stop relying on a fitness, diet and medical industry that's plagued with ineffectiveness and greed.

This program gets you straight away to discovering exactly HOW TO GET HEALTHY, TONE & LOSE WEIGHT and get on the road to a real fix and loving your body again.

The Most Exciting Part...the Results Last

It can get you off the harmful rollercoaster of dieting and prevent more unwanted weight and unhealth.  

This is specifically for women and men in North Dallas (near Lewisville) who are ready to take the step to a better body without wasting precious time.

"I lost 15 pounds the first week!"
-Dwayne H. (43 yo)
A Spot into the CHALLENGE.
Limited to 30 people at a time.
  • A Meal & Nutrition Plan
  • Grocery List
  • 21-Day Diary
  • Exercise Sequence Every Week for Your Unique Body Type and Goals
  • HOW To Avoid the Top 5 Mistakes That Make It Nearly Impossible to burn stubborn fat, get healthy and tone
  • What to Eat and NOT to Eat
  • 3 Best Exercises for your unique body type and condition
  • Why Genetics Don't Matter 
  • Real Answers to Your Most Burning Questions
Learn how to get rid of the "bad" hormones and toxins that prevent you from metabolizing glucose and fats. Increase circulation of your lymphatic system to remove cellular debris and toxins much quicker. Boost your energy, health AND lose weight fast!
Learn this amazing exercise sequence that's helping people accelerate energy, health, fat-burning and increase flexibility from home! Easy, safe and powerfully proven.
How to Eliminate the "Bad" hormones and germs for faster results.  Learn the 10 foods and nutrients you must add to your daily meals today for rapid results! Items you might find in your cabinet and inexpensive supplements that we recommend.
Get this amazing item unavailable anywhere that is proprietary to STINKYBODY.  It holds the key to your success!

32-Page Manual of the Step-by-Step System ($97 value)

*Provided in drip format.



If you are not completely blown away with the program, I don't want you to pay a dime and will return all your money back to you. If you come and give it a fair try, this is my personal and official guarantee.


We're starting soon so we are required to put a time-limit on it. Many have already scheduled because I’m giving away for a fraction of what most trainers charge $700 to $1,000 for. (That's if they even have these secrets). So all bookings are on a first-come basis.

I'm amazed at the progress that I've made. I had given up all hope of ever feeling normal again. But I'm amazed at the progress.
- Kelly
Helped me truly understand why I was failing to lose weight on my own.
And the 8 minute exercise sequence has greatly reduced the chronic pains around my neck and shoulders.
-Kim K.
You saved my life.
I felt such despair before coming here. The first time I came here, when I left, I felt like a different person... I was suffering from depression but now I'm not... I don't know how I can thank you enough. I really don't. “
-John W.
"My weight has gone down by nearly 30 pounds, cholesterol by 30 points, trigycerides by 50% in less than 2-months...and I haven't even been doing the program perfectly."

Dwayne Hardy, 43 y/o


Ilia is 42 with a major sugar addiction that makes her feel like she's old and becoming unattractive.

She tried buying gym memberships, exercises online, bootcamps, and nothing worked. She was frustrated and growing weary. See what happened...

"Lost 7% body fat and 12 pounds in 30 days!"

It's not easy to get results for someone with not much weight to lose, but the 3D Method changed her life. In 30 days, she lost 12 pounds and 7% body fat. But more importantly, her hope in herself was restored. And now she feels energetic, confident and sexy!

Here's the address to our gym (The "Lab") in Lewisville.

713 Hebron Pkwy, Ste. 236, Lewisville TX 75057
(214) 504-2902

How It Works

It's not simple but we make it easy for you.
  • It only takes 8-minutes per day to follow the instructions on your own.
  • You get instructions via email every day on meals, nutrition, grocery lists, eating, and exercises.
  • You have the option of coming in once per week for followups, Q& A, and learning (free).  
  • If you want to accelerate results, you can purchase a Group Exercise Package for just $57
  • You start by attending the Orientation. See date(s) below.
Week 1

Getting Started & How to Become a LifeChanger
  2. How to measure and track RESULTS because knowing is required for motivation and discipline.
  3. Discover the ONE muscle that is dysfunctional and prevents health and weight loss in 90% of people (and whether it's dysfunctional in you), AND learn how to fix it!
  4. What foods to eat, and what to stay away from like the plague. You don't have to spend a lot of money on expensive food.
  5. The "8-minute Exercise" that melts fat away.
Week 2

Track RESULTS & Shoot For More
  1. WHEN to Eat, Exercise and Sleep
  2. How to Improve Sleep For Greater Results
  3. 10 Traps to Avoid That Slow Results
  4. Starter Grocery List
  5. Removing the Top 5 Toxic Foods Everyone is eating that lowers energy, health and makes you gain weight
  6. Progress Your Exercises
Week 3

Graduation & Next Steps
  1. 5 Unexpected Tips to Increase Energy, Results and Mood
  2. (Optional) Best Supplements That Accelerate Results and How to Avoid the Bad Products
  3. How to finish strong and what to do next to maintain it for life!

You notice...

  • Energy increase
  • Fat reduction
  • Body firms
  • Clothes fit nicely
  • Blood pressure improves
  • Work becomes enjoyable
  • Skin tightens n glows
  • Shape improves under your arm, waist, chest, buttock, hips and thighs
  • Cellulite reduces

You feel...

  • Happier
  • Confident
  • Younger
  • Sexy

But Do it INCORRECTLY and the opposite occurs.

Traditional methods often lead to less energy, water and muscle tissue loss, and irritable mood.  It can leave people over 30 feeling depleted, weak, saggy and tired. It's not sustainable...and not healthy.

If you've struggled or failed before, don't worry. It's not your fault.

When you empower yourself with the know-how to health it can completely change the course of your life.

Especially if you...

-are busy,

-have put it off for years,

-are too tired or lack energy,

-have aches and pains,

-have failed before,

-have parents who are overweight

-are skeptical of success

This Specialized Method is For Men & Women Over 30+...and Results Are Guaranteed

People over 30 require a unique plan that targets the hormone and enzymes in the body or they won't process foods and sugar properly leading to low energy, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and excess fat, .

For the first time in history, you can leverage the exact same methods used by the most celebrated athletes, actors, and performers...

Even if you... are over 40-50-60, work long hours, sit too much, or seem addicted to sugar.

Even if you have... failed before with dieting, energy drinks, keto, paleo, or exercising, cravings that are impossible to beat, difficulty exercising, parents who were overweight.

Especially if you have...

  • Low energy
  • Stubborn belly fat that won't go away,
  • Flab under your arm, buttock, hip or thighs,
  • Cellulite that won't go away.

The solution is now available to you. But you gotta want it and take the first step toward a method that offers you the best chance of success because failure can hurt. It can make you lose hope, and that's the biggest travesty of all.

Challenge Start Dates:
SEPT 24 (Tue 6:30pm)

Only 60 4 Vouchers Left


713 Hebron Pkwy, Ste 236, Lewisville, TX 75057
(214) 504-2902

NO BS Money Back Guarantee
If you are not completely blown away with the program, I don't want you to pay one dime and will return all your money back to you. If you come and give it a fair try, this is my personal and official guarantee.

(aka. "James Ko", PT, CFA, Pro Trainer, Fitness & Health Scientist)

As a pro trainer, scientist, and physical therapist, Jimmy is the expert on fitness, weight loss and health. 

He helps women and men fix their body with all natural means without drugs or crash diets so they can look and feel great again. It speaks to their underlying desire to be confident and perform exceptionally well in their job, sport, leisure and relationships.

James is a science geek.

Early in his career, his fascination with the human body got him hired to work with Olympic and semi-pro athletes. They loved him since he only used proven science-based methods to enhance their bodies and performance. Their success was his success.

Eventually, pro athletes began demanding his services. Boxers, MMA fighters, Ballerinas, Pro football and basketball players alike.

His special and unique programs were only available to the elite, charging tens of thousands per client.

But then, his world was flipped upside down...

His mother Lisa began losing her memory and was diagnosed with Dementia.

He no longer wanted to keep his health and fitness secrets private and only privy to elites.

He believes everyone should have access
to the true science and facts regardless of financial or educational status.

He now offers his expertise to anyone who has a strong desire to make a change in their life. He’s made it affordable enough that anyone can participate and get results quickly like the elites.


As a graduate of Loma Linda University in S. California, one of only 5 Blue Zones in the world (the others are Okinawa (Japan); Sardinia (Italy); Nicoya (Costa Rica); Icaria (Greece)), his background is in all natural and whole body approach to healing and health.

He’s the founder of the “Clinical Excellence Program” for healthcare practitioners, “MultiFunctional Movement” (MFM) for clinicians, and IndeFree a national association for healthcare professionals.

He’s been featured numerously in national healthcare publications such as Advance for Rehabilitation Professionals and more.

He started and founded over 7 clinics on Sports Medicine and is the Physical Therapist Contributor and Reviewer of the book, “Atlas of Clinical Gross Anatomy” by Kenneth Moses, MD that is used in the top Medical schools in the country.


James’ professional accomplishments are shadowed only by his personal accomplishments.

His compassion led him to serve as a missionary to various countries such as South America, Thailand, Mexico and S. Korea. Youth pastor to kids. And more.

His passion for fitness and performance earned him a Black-belt in Tae Kwon Do and the 1st Place Title in the Northern States Powerlifting Championships.

James’ Favorite Quote

“The voyage to happiness isn't in self discovery but in reinventing yourself as you get older."


The only reason Jimmy is doing this, is because he believes this scientific information should be available to everyone regardless of education or socio-economic status, and not just the elite.

As mentioned before, the cost of the Challenge is just $27. So how can Jimmy charge so little?

The answer...

He knows you're gonna love it and naturally want more services and products from his company, or become a lifelong member.


  • 1. It allows us to get the message out to help everyone (not just the elite). $27 is nothing, but he knows the information can change your life forever.
  • 2. He knows when he shares his best stuff you will want more from him, whether it's 1 on 1 coaching or even an annual membership.
  • 3. He's kinda passionate... we're not gonna lie to you. He's sick of people throwing out tips and advice without any real proof to back it up. We think 99% of what is said online is complete BS... so he thought it would be a breath of fresh air to publish the TRUTH, show the actual science, proof, and #'s behind the results our clients are getting, and well... honestly, he just wants you to create a brighter future for yourself.

When does the Challenge start?

Can I buy a voucher now but start later?

What exercises will I do?

Will you tell me what to eat?

How much fat can I expect to lose?

Must I eat and exercise at a specific time?

Must I take a lot of supplements?

I don't eat meat, will this work for me?

Do I get any support?

I don't live in Lewisville, TX, can I still join the Challenge?

How is this tailored to me?

What ages are good for this?

Will I get a six pack by doing this?

What if I have health problems?

Is this better than dieting, gyms, long exercises and pills?

Can I do the exercises on my own?

DISCLAIMER: The results described above are from my personal and other client results. Please understand that a variety of factors go into the results a person may get. I'm not implying that you'll duplicate them (or do anything for that matter). Your results may vary and depend on how much time, effort and persistence you put forth. Not to mention your background, experience, and support system may be factors as well. All fitness pursuits entail risk and hard work and if you are not prepared for that, do not sign up for this program.

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713 Hebron Pkwy Ste. 236, Lewisville, TX 75057
(214) 504-2902