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James Ko, Nutrition & Performance Specialist, Fat & BMI Scientist, Sports Physical Therapist & Over 50 Dad

About James Ko

As a research geek and scientist, James couldn't sit idly by watching false information fly across the internet. "Why is everyone being told to cut calories when it's an internal system issue for 91% of adults (and 69% of kids)Why is long cardio being suggested to everyone when it trains the body to store more fat, degrades joints, and isn't sustainable?"

So, James created the MultiFunctional Movement & Nutrition Program that laser-targets the root causes and delivers superior results for those with gut, health and metabolism issues. For more than 20 years, he's helped patients, CEO's, postpartum moms, athletes, kids (people of all walks of life) quickly and safely get healthy and fit. His mission is to shake-up the health/fitness industry by offering groundbreaking programs that deliver superior results. But more importantly, the step-by-step to turning it into a lifestyle (otherwise, what's it all for?).  You can learn more about James Ko in his social profiles.