Inspection 9/01/2020

Landlord’s Exterminator’s Assessment (In his own words)

(Transcript of Exterminator’s explanation)

“Exclusion is the most important thing. Just filling any holes, any gaps, anything like that. (While referring to the internal space) Your windows look good. These are usually pretty prime hotspots. Like this rubber just expands and contracts over time. These look good. The seals are pretty good on all these.

Chemical is just a secondary defense. Once you’ve done all your exclusion work to keep things out, then you can almost just do an exterior treatment monthly and not even have to really even worry about interior things. Like I said, because you don’t have any food being cooked in here. You’re not, there’s no grease, you know, things like that. That would really attract bugs. So if you get everything super sealed, all your exclusion work done. You rarely need chemical. You don’t have to use a lot of chemical. It’s kind of a secondary defense.

(Amanda) Okay. Thank you. What’s your name again?


This is our bug problem at the “Lab” (our facility)

Watch videos below or View Pics Here

This is what we (Amanda and I) have been dealing with since we moved in August 2018. We were reassured the bug and water leaks would be taken care of when considering the space therefore the reason we took the space.

But after over 40 correspondences to management/landlords since we moved in, the problem is the same. No better.

Every day before classes/sessions, we have to come in early to clear out the bugs from the:

  • floor,
  • chairs,
  • corners
  • yoga mats
  • equipment
  • ceilings
  • bathrooms
  • counters
  • desks
  • computers

Bugs are literally everywhere. Water leaks occur weekly, to the point we believe black mold is developing on our front lobby table.

We spend a good 30-60 minutes before every class/session cleaning up the bug and water leak mess. Mind you, this is since we officially opened our doors in March 2019–so over a year now.

Check out the videos and let us know what you think.

FRONT Entry Area:

Black Mold Developing

Side Wall Mirror Area:  Bugs, Bugs, Bugs

Private Room

Matted Workout Area:

Side Wall Water Leak and More Bugs


View Pics for More Details


New Water Leak (as of July 1, 2020) Causing a Hazard and Impairing the Functional Use of Our Space