Are you on the go? Is it hard to eat healthy?

If so, this dish is perfect for you! It’s tasty and keeps you feeling satiated for awhile.

The goal to a sexy tone body begins with eating healthier. If you want to clean your system and start turning on the fat-burning switch, the best place to start is intaking more “whole” nutrient dense food that tastes great!

Even if “healthy” food doesn’t taste great to you, don’t worry. Eventually your TASTE will RETRAIN itself and you will enjoy it more and more.

TIP: Foods that contain 1- 5 ingredients only, rejuvenate your body. When you go to the grocery store look at your labels. Ask yourself these three important questions:

      1. Does this item contain more than 5 ingredients?
      2. Can you pronounce the words on the label?
      3. Do you know what the ingredients are?

The truth is if you can’t pronounce the ingredient, and don’t know what they are, they are most likely not good for you (not in all cases but most). It’s okay if you didn’t know before, however now that you know it is time to make a change 🙂

Lastly when buying all the foods and ingredients needed to make this recipe look for non-GMO or organic. I know it’s hard to always find those options and sometimes it’s just too expensive. However look for grocery stores that have lower rates. Most grocery stores are getting a larger selection of non GMO and organic foods. You will not always be able to find them or get them and I understand- I am not always able to either, however do you best!


“Scrumptious Vegan Toast”

You can eat this for breakfast, lunch or even dinner. It’s great! It has a healthy amount of alkalizing components, fats, protein and antioxidants!


  1. One slice sourdough, keto or gluten free bread.
  2. Two TBL of peanut butter/nut butter (no sugar added) or half smashed avocado. (I use Valencia peanut butter. Costco has an organic valencia peanut butter I love !!!) 
  3. One cup of choice of fruit.


Toast your choice of bread. Spread your peanut butter/nut butter or avocado onto your toast. Wash your fruit before you cut and serve it.

TIPS to accelerate fat burning:

  • If you must eat bread look for a keto bread.
  • Use nut butter like almond butter instead of peanut butter.
  • Opt for blueberries instead of other fruits.
  • Add a side of celery


If you eat foods high in nutrients, like this dish, you power your body with energy, less calories, and keeps the hunger hormones under control.

Try it!

Let me know what you think. Post a picture here 🙂