I hope you and your loved ones are strong and safe.

Amanda and Jimmy are dedicated to helping you stay strong, healthy and safe during this pandemic situation. Your health has never been so more important.

We are working hard to help you come out of this better than you were before it started.

Here’s What We Are Doing

We have shifted our services online to continue adding value to paying members. You currently have access to:

1) Virtual Coaching via zoom video every week

2) Class videos (for paid members only) so you can exercise from home as if you were in class with us.

The following classes are available in our members only module. If you decide to continue your membership, please contact us and we’ll give you access immediately. The classes are:

  • Yoga MBE (Full session)
  • ROAR-HIIT (20-min)
  • Ass & Abs (Full session)
  • Yoga MBE (Full session)
  • Yogalite Flow (~20min)

3) Training on nutrition, mental health, how to reduce vulnerability of infection, inspiration and more.

We will work harder to keep you moving forward since it’s more important than ever to improve health in order to avoid infection and/or illness…

Most of our members have chosen not to cancel their membership and continue to be a part of our strong community.

If you wish to cancel, we’ll respect that. However, if you wish to rejoin later, it will be at the rate that will be available at that time.

Most of you currently have the lowest discounted rate we offer (since you got in during our 1-year grand opening) so it’s highly likely the rate will be significantly higher if you wish to rejoin at a later date.

We know how you feel,…you are cutting expenses (just like we are doing now).

But we are only cutting “non-essential” expenses. If you feel that your membership with us, and our community, is non-essential then by all means cut it and we’ll cancel your membership. Just let us know.

We plan on coming out of this stronger than ever, and we hope to guide you to the same.

We hope you will continue to invest in your health, this community, in Amanda and Jimmy, and our local small business and choose to continue your membership with us.

Contact us to gain immediate access to our Member’s Only Portal if you wish to continue.

Thank you, and God bless you and your family during this situation.

Be safe and strong always.