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  • How to Flatten the Tummy Using Scientific Exercises Only 15-Minutes Per Day
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  • The Top 10 Best Foods to Flatten Your Tummy (and Foods You Must Stay Away From)

Get answers to your most burning questions on how to flatten the tummy and look and feel great!


Jimmy Ko, CFA, PT

-Weight Loss & Nutrition Scientist

-Sports Medicine Physical Therapist

-Health & Fitness Specialist

-Black Belt

Jimmy has been helping women and men, professional athletes, celebrities, and patients get healthy and fit for the past 22 years. He combines Eastern and Western philosophy to health, fitness and wellness for remarkable results.

Amanda Dee, CYI, CPI

-Certified Pilates Instructor

-Certified Yoga Instructor

-Weight Loss & Nutrition Scientist

-Health & Fitness Specialist

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DISCLAIMER: The results described above are from my personal and other client results. Please understand that a variety of factors go into the results a person may get. I'm not implying that you'll duplicate them (or do anything for that matter). I have the benefit of having 22+ years of health, fitness, exercise and weight loss experience and work very hard to stay on top of the research and trends. Your results will vary and depend on how much time, effort and persistence you put forth. Not to mention your background, experience, and support system may be factors as well. All fitness pursuits entail risk and hard work and if you are not prepared for that, this is not for you.

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