7-Day Flatten-The-Tummy Program

“Less Is More”

The abdominal muscles have a small range of motion, and the best way to tighten them is by doing small movements. Move too much and it wastes energy, and can cause injury.

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1. Start “Tightening” Up Your Core With This Exercise!

This exercise works the Transverse Abdominis muscle that makes your waist tighter, like a corset. Expect to see results within a few sessions if you put in at least an 80% intensity.

Not only does it make your midsection look nice but it also decompresses and lengthens the lumbar spine to help fix back problems.


Starting Position

  1. Lay flat on your back
  2. Bend knees and place pillow between them
  3. Put arms in the air


  1. Suck-In your belly button, in toward your spine
  2. Squeeze knees together
  3. Reach arms toward ceiling (away from your body)
  4. Lift hips only 1 inch off floor and breathe
  5. 3 breaths (in through nose, out through mouth)
  6. Come back down (lower hips)
  7. Repeat for a total of 20 repetitions

If you feel cramping around the side or back of your waist, it means you really need this!

2. Shrink Your Internal Organs For a Smaller Waist

“Gastrointestinal Tract Health Secrets”

If your stomach and other organs are bloated or enlarged, especially from visceral fat (fat around the organs), exercises alone won’t slim up your waist. Many things can cause internal bloating such as eating:

  • Processed foods like deli meats, pizza, store-bought bread
  • High sugar foods like soft drinks and store-bought juices
  • Packaged foods like hot pockets and most store-bought cereal

These foods are high in saturated fat, processed sugar, salt and other toxins that increase visceral fat.

To combat this, eat more whole foods (vegies, fruit, beans, fish, etc.), and drink less sugary and colored drinks for a healthier GI Tract and slimmer waist. For example,…

3. One Magic Nutrient For A Stronger Core

“Nutritional Secrets For a Tighter Waist”

If your muscles don’t get proper fueling, they won’t work. It may also be the reason why you “don’t feel like doing exercising.”

But what are the most important nutrients to make your abdominal muscles strong??

Start with this first one,…Glutamine.

It’s an important amino acid that’s found in these very common foods :

    1. Cabbage, spinach, parsley, celery, kale
    2. Fish
    3. Beans, Seeds
    4. Soy
    5. Beets

It’s an important nutrient to help heal “Leaky Gut” and promotes weight loss. Yay!

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