7-Day Flatten-The-Tummy Program

“Difficult Roads Often Lead to Beautiful Destinations ”

One of the things I love most about Hawaii are their secluded beaches. (Like Waipi’o Black Sand Beach). Some don’t even have paved roads to get to em and some require several mile hikes. But once you get to the destination, it’s spectacular and well worth the trip.

It’s much like your journey to flatten the tummy…

The road might be difficult or hard work but once you get to the destination it’s spectacular and well worth the trip.

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Exercise Instruction For Today

If you’ve done all days and exercises, take a break today. You deserve it.

If you did not do all the days, do all 4 exercises today! Here they are:

  1. Day 1: Bridge Adduction
  2. Day 2: Kneeling Rotation
  3. Day 3:  Plank Rotations
  4. Day 4: Standing Rotations

How to Keep the Tummy Flat Without Having To Work Hard All The Time

Start with these basics…

  1. Stop eating once you feel 60% full. Why? Because after 30-minutes or so you’ll be 80% full. This keeps your stomach in check or else it will get bloated.
  2. No Listerine or mouthwash. It kills important enzymes required for fat-burning and Nitric Oxide production. Use a tongue scraper instead.
  3. No snacking. It leads to insulin resistance.
  4. Chew food thoroughly. The enzymes in your mouth begins the digestive process. Let them do their work or you will gain more fat.
  5. Get all 90 vitamins and minerals plus omega 3 every day. Supplement using a powder form. Don’t take multivitamin in tablet form.
  6. 6-Days Per Week Only Drink… water, tea, coffee, protein drink, fruit-blended smoothie (made from home), green drink, one glass of wine only, or lemon water.
  7. Do 2-minutes of exercise 1-hour before dinner. Not much right? Only 2-minutes! It makes the dinner not turn into fat. Even a brisk walk will work. Sprint, ab exercise, pushups work even better.

You can’t flatten your tummy by doing the same things you did before. Do new things to get new things.

P.s. Have you done the quiz?

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