The 7-Day Flatten-The-Tummy Program

“Putting It All Together”

Now that you’ve “Primed” your core with good exercises and nutrients, it’s time to put it all together for a great core blasting, tummy flattening, sequence!

Do the sequence (and nutritionals) consistently for one week then remeasure your waist!

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1. The Ab Sequence

Start with the Standing Rotation but do it for 45 seconds (keep moving), then rest 15 seconds.

Then do Plank Rotations for 45 seconds, rest 15 seconds.

Then do Side Plank Rotations for 45 seconds, rest 15 seconds.

Repeat all 3 movements for one more round.

Do this for one more week and remeasure your waist!

*Keep belly button pulled in throughout the entire sequence.


2. Follow All the Nutrition Tips & Habits

You must properly fuel your body every day with the necessary nutrients for optimal results.

3. Next Step:

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