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  • Why some people can eat whatever they want, while others blow up simply looking at a piece of chocolate cake.
  • How to Turn ON Your Health and Fat-Burning Switch
  • How to Quickly Lose Fat Off Belly, Hips, Thighs, and Under Arms
  • 5 Common Foods You MUST Avoid (and you probably have them in your kitchen right now)
  • Exercise Mistakes That Are a Waste of Time and Energy, and Can Cause Injury
  • And more!

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"I lost 15 pounds the first week!

In less than 2 months, cholesterol went down by 30 points, trigycerides by 50%, and 30 pounds...
And I haven't even been doing the program perfectly."

-Dwayne H. (40 y/o)


"Helped me truly understand why I was failing to lose weight on my own. And the 8 minute exercise sequence has greatly reduced the chronic pain around my neck and shoulders."

-Kimberly K. (53 y/o)


"You saved my life.

I felt such despair before coming here. The first time I came here, when I left, I felt like a different person... I was suffering from depression but now I'm not... I don't know how I can thank you enough. I really don't. “
-John W. (49 y/o)


"Lost 6.5 inches off my waist, 7 inches off my hips and 36 pounds! in 2 months!"

-Nick C. (40 y/o)


"The scale never went down on any diet I did...but this time it did!!!  Getting the right information and correct exercise made it happen.  So glad I checked into STINKYBODY."

-Donna B. (45 y/o)


"I have joined gyms, taken exercise classes, only to quit after a couple of sessions.  I have never been more excited about going to work out!!  I actually look forward to it. They are awesome at keeping you motivated."

-Barbara B. (53 y/o)

Who Is This Jimmy Guy?

James Ko, PT, CFA

Fitness & Weight Loss Specialist  |  Nutrition Scientist  |  Licensed Physical Therapist

Jimmy is a science-nerd. As a Sports Medicine Physical Therapist he's been hired by the nation's top athletes to help them perform better, stay lean, heal from injuries quicker, and stay youthful.  But after a life-altering event, he's chosen to share his secrets with the general public. He believes that everyone should have access to the secrets to health and leanness regardless of socioeconomic or educational status. His mission is to help people discover their best bodies and health, and find a whole new lease on life.

James with his kids Cozy and Mac :)

His other kids Roxy and Haley (from rescue) and Savvy the Golden :)

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