How Jimmy Overcame Anxiety, Fatigue, Over-stress and Depletion, Lost 60 Pounds, And Regained His Physical & Mental Fitness 

Real, Raw, Unedited Recording by Amanda Dee

Life and its' stressors can beat you down... And if your foundation is not solid, weakened by unresolved trauma and emotions, it can cause poor health, depletion, over-fat, and anxiety.  But once you learn the steps to free yourself and strengthen your foundation, you can enjoy health, strength and fitness, both mentally and physically.

Learn the steps Jimmy took to get his life back. Steps that anyone can take.


  • The 3 Step Process to Renewing Your Mind, Spirit and Resolve so you can finally lose weight, get fit and healthy without falling off, quitting or failing  
  • The 9-Minute Morning Routine that balances cortisol, mood, and energy. Helps you sleep better and rejuvenate faster.
  • The Proprietary Stretches & Movements that remove toxins, balance hormones, and boosts mental clarity. Stretches and movements that most trainers, physical therapists or physicians don't know about
  • Secret Herbs and Nutrients that boost mitochondrial and brain function. Makes it easy to firm muscles, increase flexibility
  •  And more...

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