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James Ko, PT, a Weight Loss & Nutrition Specialist, and Sports Medicine Pro, pulls back the curtain and reveals the secrets on how the 35+ can lose weight, firm-up, and live a better life.

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What You’ll learn in this webinar

The ONE MUSCLE You Must Normalize First To Even Have a Chance At Losing Weight

Ever wonder why you can't lose weight even while cutting calories, even while exercising? Well, this is most likely why. There's a deep muscle that is neuro-chemically linked to your cortisol and metabolism. If it's weak and dysfunctional, you won't lose weight. You can't lose weight. Learning this may completely change your life.

12 FOODS You MUST Avoid (Like the Plague) Or You Won't Lose Any Fat, Get Wrinkly, and Suffer Low Energy

The fact of the matter is, there are foods that are good for you, foods that are bad for you, and then there are foods that completely rob you of your health. Your organs, hormones and enzymes get completely screwed up making it nearly impossible to function properly. Not only that, they cause cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and more. This info alone will change your life.

The ONE EXERCISE That KILLS Your Motivation, and Your Chances Of Ever Looking Good

This is one of the most common exercises people do to lose weight. But it's a huge mistake; It defeats your mind and motivation. I guess it makes sense since over 91% of adults, and 69% of kids in this country are "overfat"**.  Learn more >>>

A KEY ENZYME That When Stimulated Properly Can Trigger Fat Burning...Even While You Sleep!

Secrets like this is required for 35+ to get results. People who are under 35, don't have to worry much about it now (but eventually they will)...but you do.  

You will NOT get this kind of information from a random trainer. Only top-level professionals, who are paid top dollar to work with the elites, have this type of knowledge. And now you can, too.

And More...

Listen, this is not hype. It's science. When you learn the truths, and empower yourself, you can win. Don't get me wrong, it takes work to get strong and healthy today but these secrets give you a huge advantage.

Your webinar host

James Ko, PT, CFA

As a Sports Medicine Physical Therapist, James helps some of the country's top athletes reach the pinnacle of health, fitness and performance.

He is the founder of two national programs, "Clinical Excellence" and "MultiFunctional Movement", that teaches other physical therapists, chiropractors, and physicians how to help improve their patient's health and fitness.

After going through a hard time in his life, James fell ill and became severely unhealthy. Luckily, he applied his method with himself and was able to quickly restore his own health and fitness. He is 53 years old and has more energy than before in his 20's.

He believes this revolutionary information should be available to everyone and not just the elites.

With so many people suffering from health issues due to a lack of fitness, he believes everyone would benefit. 

Therefore, he has created a program and made it affordable just for the general public.

In the webinar, along with the main info, he will present to you an offer, an affordable way to be guided step-by-step through his method. It's totally optional. The webinar is not a "pitch-fest" like other webinars you may have watched. There's true value in it for everyone. 

Most attendees have said they found more value in this free webinar than in paid programs they've done before. We guarantee it will be worth your time.

Disclaimer:  Getting results in a fitness and health program, losing weight and getting healthy, takes work. We don't guarantee you'll get the same results as other students.  It takes effort and consistency, and if you are not willing to put in the work, you may not get any results at all.

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