No Show or Late Cancellation Policy

Our job as your health and fitness coach is to keep you moving forward and accountable to the commitment that you’ve made.

One of the ways we do that is to make it hard for you to do the wrong thing.

When you book a session (or make an appt) but No-Show or flake out last minute, it hurts you AND it hurts us.

We’re a small business and it costs us money to offer sessions/appointments.

In order to optimize accountability to you and control our overhead costs, we have the following policy.

All booked sessions (or appointments) come with it a “No-show” or “Late Cancellation” (less than 24-hours) policy.

In an effort to deter people from making appointments but not showing up, we have the following policy.

If you fail to show or give less than a 24-hour notice (from the appointed time), one of the following fees will apply:

  • First time: $7
  • Second time: $12
  • Third or more: $20


We do NOT make money by assessing this fee. We sincerely hope you show and keep your commitments. But we do need to have this in order to deter people from doing the wrong thing.

No shows are bad. They’re bad for you and bad for us.

We allow you to make changes to booked appointments as long as it’s done within 24 hours of your schedule appointment. This allows us to give the valuable spot to someone else who needs it.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Jimmy & Amanda

Revised:  May 18, 2020