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"This program is amazing!!!!

There are great classes and great people in this program. Jimmy and Amanda are great, knowledgeable, personable, caring, loving, and push you to success!!!!"

Carolyn S.

44 y/o

"My weight has gone down by nearly 30 pounds, cholesterol by 30 points, triglycerides by 50% in less than 2-months...and I haven't even been doing the program perfectly."

Dwayne Hardy

43 y/o

"The scale never went down on any diet I did...but this time it did!!!

Getting the right information and correct exercise made it happen. So glad I checked into STINKYBODY!"

Donna B.

46 y/o

Discover why dieting and random exercises don't work for 83% of Americans over 35. Get the "Missing Link" and the real truth by watching this training that could possibly change your life.