In An Effort to Share the Power of Her Yoga Program, Amanda is Giving Away,

20  7 Vouchers for Her 3-Week Yoga Transformation Program For $140  only $27

Start the Journey to a Strong Lean Body, Less Stress & Anxiety, and Become Your Best Self

Studies show that the Yoga MBE System Improves Hormones, Metabolism, and Flexibility  For Stronger Mental, Physical and Emotional Health

After the Age of 26, Hormone Imbalance Wreaks Havoc On Our Bodies*

(*See scientific references below)

Muscle decreases and fat increases, metabolism and immune system lowers, and less oxygen gets to our cells, making it difficult to stay healthy, lean and energized.

And even worse,...
the imbalance affects our neurochemistry and increases mood swings, brain fog, and anxiety.

But the great news is...

It doesn't have to be this way.

Research studies show that certain movements, herbs, and breathing techniques can reverse aging, and revitalize the body to a youthful state again.

The Fact of the Matter Is...

If you want to take your health into your own hands, avoid meds and doctor visits, and start controlling your destiny, there is a simple way...

Yoga MBE Is Proven to Revitalize the Body

It scientifically BALANCES body hormones and chemistry* and rapidly TURNS-ON the fitness switch.  It primes your body for maximum health.  And you end up de-Stressing and losing stubborn fat especially around the belly, arms, hips and thighs. 

This is Specifically For Women & Men Who Want to Renew Their Body and Mind

Especially if you have...

  • Stress or Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Mood Swings
  • Brain Fog
  • Hormone Imbalance (or Menopause)
  • Insomnia
  • Cellulite
  • Arthritis
  • Diabetes
  • Thyroid Issues

Even if you have...

  • Never done yoga before
  • Obesity
  • Weakness
  • Aches and pains
  • Lack of Energy
  • Poor flexibility

Yoga allows anyone of any age, body type, or health condition to participate. The wide array of modifications enable anyone to participate regardless of flexibility or strength level.

Avoid the Common Traps

Stop relying on temporary options, and a fitness, diet and wellness industry that's plagued with ineffectiveness and greed.

Get straight away to discovering exactly how to deStress and get fit without wasting time and money.

Get on the road to a real fix before issues worsen.

The Most Exciting Part...the Results Last

It can get you off the never-ending cycle of low energy, mood swings, feeling drained and unhealthy, and prevent frustration and stress.

This is specifically for women and men near Lewisville who are ready to take the step to a better body.

Watch a Sample Session...

Don't Trust Your Body to Just Anyone

WHO you choose to help transform your body and health makes the difference between success and failure. This is an opportunity for you to get straight to real results without wasting any time or money.

(See case studies and results below)

What You Get With This Voucher

A Spot In Amanda's "3-Week Yoga Transformation Program" for $140
*New Clients Only
For less than the cost of dining out ONE time, you can finally deStress your body and mind, and prime yourself for optimal health and fitness.
It Includes:
  • 3-WEEKS of Amanda's Yoga MBE and Yogalate sessions
  • 6am Tuesdays
  • 9am Monday, Wednesday, Thursdays 
  • 8am Saturdays
  • 6pm Thursdays
  • How to RESET Your Hormones for Anti-Aging, Fat Loss, and Fitness
  • How to Sleep More Soundly and Rejuvenate Daily By Following a 3 Step Process
  • An 8-Minute Exercise Sequence That Eliminates Aches and Pains
  • How to Get Rid of Stubborn Fat by Doing Hormone Balancing Exercises
  • How to 2-3x Lean Muscle Development for Increased Metabolism
  • 3 Best Exercise Methods For Your Unique Body Type
  • How to Sculpt Your Body for the Look You Want (Waist, Hips, Thighs and Under Arm)
  • Why Genetics Don't Matter As Much As You Think
  • How to Improve Health With the Right Foods and Movement
  • Real Answers to Your Most Burning Questions
*While Supplies Last

32-Page Manual of the Step-by-Step System ($97 value)

*Provided in drip format.



100% Money-Back Guarantee

If you start but don't like it, we don't want you to pay a dime.
Just let us know and we'll refund all your money.


Due to the popularity of this promotion (and our limited space) we can't make it available for long so we have to put a time-limit on it. Many have already signed-up because we're giving away for a fraction of what most studios charge $300 to $1,000 for. (And they don't even know half the science we're sharing). So this offer is on a first-come, first-served basis.

I'm amazed at the progress that I've made. I had given up all hope of ever feeling normal again. But I'm amazed at the progress.
- Kelly S. (37 y/o)
You saved my life.
I felt such despair before coming here. The first time I came here, when I left, I felt like a different person... I was suffering from depression but now I'm not... I don't know how I can thank you enough. I really don't. “
-John W.  (49 y/o)
"My weight has gone down by nearly 30 pounds, cholesterol by 30 points, trigycerides by 50% in less than 2-months...and I haven't even been doing the program perfectly."

Dwayne Hardy, (43 y/o)

"This is amazing!!!!  There are great classes and great people... LOVE IT...Amanda, Jimmy are great, knowledgeable, personable, caring, loving, push you to success!!!!"

Carolyn S., (45 y/o)


Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur, Sat
At 6am, 8am, 9am, and 6pm

Attend As Many Sessions As You Want
(We recommend 2-3x per week for most benefit)

Two Types of Yoga Sessions Available...

Come to one or both

What Is Yoga MBE?

Slow but active movements and stretching that leverages the power of Eastern medicine.


Improves stress, anxiety, brain fog, and self-esteem. Frees the nervous system and promotes flexibility. You feel lighter, stronger, and more confident.

Who It's For

For men and women wanting the benefits of Movement as Medicine. Modifications allow beginner to advanced levels.

What Is Yogalates?

An exciting blend of yoga and pilates that firms, tones, and sculpts the body. Our unique sequence balances hormones, enzymes and nervous system. 


Helps to remove stubborn fat, improve health, stops aches and pains, and makes you feel empowered and strong.

Who It's For

For men and women who want to sculpt their body into shape with the most advanced form of exercise available today. Modifications allow beginner to advanced levels.


"I've never done yoga before."

It doesn't matter. Even if you feel a lil shy, everyone will make you feel at home. You're gonna love it. See what Kerry had to say...

"It's been a long time since I've done yoga."

Even if you feel a bit intimated, you're gonna do great with our personal guidance. See what Laura had to say...

"I'm advanced, will this be right for me?"

Absolutely. We train some of the world's best athletes. We might possibly show you things you've never done before. 





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713 Hebron Pkwy, Ste. 236, Lewisville TX 75057
(214) 504-2902


Introducing Amanda

Hi, I'm Amanda. I've been helping people improve their health, lose weight, get fit, and feel better about themselves for 6 years using science-based yoga, Pilates, nutrition and exercise.

With my remarkable success, I opened a studio in Lewisville Texas. 

Helping people revitalize their bodies (and life) has been extremely rewarding for me. It's what I've come to know to be my purpose in life.

I have top-level training in yoga, Pilates, physiology, nutrition, fitness and weight-loss. 

As a certified Yoga and Pilates instructor, I've learned that it's not the intensity of the exercise but the quality of the movement and instructor that produces results.

A little bit about myself...

I always feared taking risks and struggled to believe in myself when I was younger but once I discovered the power of yoga and Pilates, my body and mind changed, my life changed, my confidence changed.

That's why I want to share it with you. It's become my mission and passion.

I decided to start my own business with this passion to help others and share this transformational method.

Never doubt your worth, and never doubt what's possible and you can accomplish anything.

How It Works

After you sign up...
  • You get an email welcoming you and confirming you into the program.
  • You can start immediately
  • Come to our studio at 713 Hebron Pkwy, Ste 236, Lewisville TX 75057

Where are you located?

What if I've never worked out before?

It's been a long time since I've exercised, is it right for me?

Do you offer private training?

I had surgery, can I do this?

I have an injury and pain, should I do this?

How long are the classes?

Will this help me lose weight?

What ages are good for this?

What if I have health problems?

Can I do the exercises on my own?

NO BS Money Back Guarantee
If you are not completely blown away with the program, I don't want you to pay a dime and will return all your money back to you. If you come and give it a fair try, this is our official guarantee.


The main reason is because we believe yoga and it's healing power should be available to everyone regardless of education or socio-economic status.

We also know you're gonna love it and naturally want to become a lifelong part of the fam.


  • 1. It allows us to get the message out to more people. The promotional price is discounted and is little compared to what you get, but we know the experience will change your life forever.
  • 2. We know once you experience a session, you'll want more, whether it's 1 on 1 coaching or even an annual membership.
  • 3. We're kinda passionate... We're sick of hearing how people are paying for memberships to other studios and gyms without seeing results. And given that we think 90% of what is said online is complete BS... we thought it would be a breath of fresh air to share the TRUTH, apply the science, and deliver real results that people need.

DISCLAIMER: The results described above are from my personal and other client results. Please understand that a variety of factors go into the results a person may get. I'm not implying that you'll duplicate them (or do anything for that matter). Your results may vary and depend on how much time, effort and persistence you put forth. Not to mention your background, experience, and support system may be factors as well. All fitness pursuits entail risk and hard work and if you are not prepared for that, do not sign up for this program.

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713 Hebron Pkwy Ste. 236, Lewisville, TX 75057
(214) 504-2902