4 Ways to Workout Smarter, Not Harder


If you are busy and not sticking to your workouts because you don’t have the time or energy, it may not be you but the workout that might be the problem.

Here’s how you can improve consistency and have a chance at making it a lifestyle. There’s really only one way I know on how to do it. You gotta workout smarter, not harder.

Here are the 4 ingredients to a “smart” workout:

  1. Not more than 30 min.

    The longer your workouts, the harder it is to stay consistent. And without consistency, any benefit is in vain. The bulk of your workout should NOT take more than 30-minutes. This is not including warmups or cool downs or special active stretching that Jimmy might assign. Many of you who work with Jimmy right now might be even doing less than 30-minutes! Keep it short and simple but effectively and scientifically designed for maximum impact.

  2. Paced Workouts Deliver More

    Leisurely doing a workout rarely leads to the intensity level necessary to produce significant results. If you are looking to reduce fat, shape a better body, and improve health, challenging your heart and lungs is just as important as toning/growing lean muscle. Paced workouts lead you to an optimal intensity level. It pushes you. Challenges you. It forces you to the breathe heavy and sweat hard which are important to eliminating toxins necessary for fat loss and health. Otherwise, you’re wasting time.

  3. Blood Pooling

    The sequence in which you do your movements matters. Randomly doing exercises decreases your chances of taking advantage of a phenomenon called “blood pooling”. Blood pooling is when you force blood to flow from one part of the body then immediately force it to go to another part. This makes your heart work harder (in a  good way), and stimulates catecholamines (dopamine, adrenaline and norepinephrine).  Catecholamines are a set of hormones that can accelerate fat burning. When properly stimulated, they can bias fat burning for up to 72 hours even after exercise has stopped. Nice, huh?!

  4. The Compounding Effect

    Every workout session produces a benefit to you, but is there a way to “stack” and compound those benefits so you can accelerate results? Absolutely.  The answer lies in learning a little bit of physiology. Most of the muscles in your body can fully recuperate and recover within 3 days. That means if you work them out again before they are fully recovered (before the 3-day timeframe), you add the benefit of the 2nd session ON TOP OF the 1st. Wait too long and you pretty much end up starting from scratch each time. For most workout types, an optimal schedule would be every other day, or 3 times per week. But for lower intensity/force workouts, you should work the muscle set again after just 24 hours. Ask Jimmy which is best for you.

So there it is… the secrets on how to get the most out of your workouts and make it a part of your life for long-lasting health and great body!

If you are following jimmy’s workouts already, you’re all set; Just keep doing what you’re doing.  Jimmy designs all his workouts structured with these magic ingredients.

Whether you want to call them “bio-hacks”, “principles” or “science”, it just simply works. It’s the preferred way to working out and getting the body and health you want. And it’s the easiest way to making it a regular part of your life, for life 🙂

If you haven’t yet read Jimmy’s post on “4 Workouts to Avoid”, I suggest you check it out.

About the author 

James Ko

I'm a geek, and introvert. So i prefer not to have attention on me. But when I feel strongly about something, I feel a duty to share it. Can't let fear stop me, right?! I'm also a dad to two amazing kids, Cozy and Mac :) My mission is to guide people to discover how great they are. It's just something that gives me purpose. Don't wanna live and die with regret; You know what I mean?... So I try. Not always great at it but I try. I'm always sayin it ain't failure until you stop trying. Hope you got something from this post. If you did, great! Share it with others. Because that's what it's all about...People helping people.

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