People talk wonders of yoga, but how will it actually help you? What is it good for exactly and how does it work?

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The 3 Reasons Why It’s the Best Choice for Women & Men Over 35

  1. Safe on joints yet strengthens the body, cardiovascular system, and more.
  2. Improves Flexibility
  3. Stimulates Fat Loss


I want to introduce to you the power in the unique, amazing power of yoga.

Now, unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last 20 years, you probably heard of the benefit of yoga.

I mean it helps you.

You’ve probably heard that it helps for flexibility, for increased circulation, helps people, you know, avoid heart disease, and strokes.

The American College of Physicians also is recommending it for people who have chronic pain as well.

So how does this one thing helps so many problems?

Well, I want to give you the science behind how it works because too many people who need this are just not doing it.

And I want to make sure that you are aware of your options.

So what yoga does yoga do your body?

There are three main benefits to yoga.

And I want to just kind of share with you the generic benefits right now.

And then I’m going to show you a unique one,

especially for those over 35 because for people over 35 they have a huge,

they have more unique needs than those who are under 35 because of our hormones and enzymes changing and things like that. So, but let me go and show you.

1) Improves your circulatory system

Now that might not sound exciting, but it is.

Why is your circulatory system so important?

Well, your body is like an aquarium.

What happens if you don’t have the right circulation of the water, the right filter?

The fish die.

And why is that?

Because they don’t get the oxygen. They don’t get the nutrients that they need.

But just as important is the waste product.

The toxins don’t get flushed out as well.

And the same thing happens to our body.

Our body needs oxygen and nutrients.

We also have a lot of waste product from just everyday living, and especially as we’re exposed to the different elements, toxins, and chemicals, we have a lot of waste product that needs to be flushed out.

And if your circulatory system is not functioning properly, then those toxins can build up.

And that’s really what causes acidity, disease, increased hypertension, heart attacks, strokes, and even cancer.

So having a really good circulatory system is important.

You could try a  treadmill, bike, elliptical, those kinds of things, but there’s just no better way to improve the circulatory system, than with yoga.

2) Flexibility

Amanda doing a yoga stretch

We sit a lot, as we become less active, as we order everything online.

We are moving less and because of that, our muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joints start to lock up.

They start to lose mobility!

Movement is life.

Think about it, what would happen if the earth stops spinning, or your heart stops pumping, the water stopped flowing.

We would all die.

When you move properly you open up your hips and the mobility of your spine.

The spine is like the center of your being.

And let me tell you, most musculoskeletal problems, chronic pain, arthritis, all begins to get overloaded when your spine loses its mobility.

Yoga is uniquely designed to help the flexibility of your hips, which are a large influencer of the spine.

3) Biochemicals

This is where yoga starts to really separate itself from the pack of other types of exercise and health activities.

There are certain types of chemicals in the body that yoga uniquely helps balance.

For example, melatonin and serotonin cycles.

Those are what your sleep depends on.

If you don’t sleep, your body can’t regenerate, recuperate.

Because we’re looking at screens and electronics all day, our melatonin and serotonin cycles are getting really messed up.


Serotonin is really important on its own too.

It’s the happy hormone.

It’s what gives you that brighter outlook on life, your body, yourself, and the people around you.

Yoga is uniquely designed to help balance that.

Good and Bad

Now, one disclaimer, just like there are good and bad chiropractors, there are good and bad yoga instructors.

There’s a special type of yoga designed for people over 35.


Because people over 35 have unique needs.

They’re starting to get a little older.

They’re balancing their hormones, but their enzymes are starting to get imbalanced because of the toxins in our environment. But also stress and anxiety, they can really mess up our hormones.

A certain type of yoga that we do here at STINKYBODY, which is called yoga MBE, we focus on reducing cortisol.

The unique ways we make you do things really help to promote certain biochemicals, the balancing of your serotonin and melatonin, and also the decrease of cortisol.

What is Cortisol?

Cortisol is your fight and flight hormone.

Basically, when you have stress or anxiety, cortisol get stimulated.

It can also get stimulated if you sit a lot, there’s a certain muscle that can actually increase the secretion of cortisol.

Cortisol makes your heart and your blood vessels constrict dramatically, reducing not only the circulation but also your fat burning.

For a more scientific definition of Cortisol click here

Why Diets and Working Out Didn’t Work For You

Those of you who have tried to diet, tried to exercise but don’t seem to get results.

Well your cortisol could be up too high.

Yoga MBE helps your health by reducing cortisol, and getting your heart blood vessels to open up.

You get better circulation, but it also decreases cortisol so that your body can start utilizing fat for energy and you can start shredding and shedding that excess stuff that you don’t want.

Number two, yoga MBE.

We focus on the hips and the spine, the most imbalances, musculoskeletal imbalances that are really a manifestation of what a person’s thinking and their thoughts are.

Their stress or anxiety manifests in poor posture and manifests in tight hips.

We focus on those most common ones for those who are over 35 and really open those up so you start seeing results.

Some people, the very first session, they start to feel freer.

They start to feel more light.

They start to feel, have a better outlook in just one session.

So we focus on that.

And also yoga MBE is very powerful for circulation.

When you reduce cortisol, your blood vessels open up, your heartbeat starts to lower, you start to feel a comb, you start to feel yourself and you have a better outlook on your body, people around you and your future.

That’s what yoga MBE does.

How can you get access to this?

You can try it out!

Our mission is to try to get everybody in this community, this area (Lewisville Tx) here introduced to the power of our unique type of yoga.

So if you’re over the age of 35 if you are feeling sluggish, if you’re feeling like sometimes brain fog where you can’t focus and concentrate.

If you’re feeling

  • like you have excess fat here and there, and no matter what you do, it just doesn’t come off.
  • low energy
  • if you’re feeling bloated after you eat
  • constipation
  • some of you might even have issues with your stomach indigestion.

If you’re having these issues, and a lot of people over 35 do.

We want to give you a tryout for three weeks to a special program. Here I got to do is click the link below or message us and we will give you an introductory special offer to try it out here.

So once again, here are the benefits of yoga.

Really get your circulation, flexibility, and get those feel-good biochemicals going to really get yourself back to your authentic self. This is what yoga MBE does for your body.


Try the power of Yoga MBE

It’s a unique program specifically designed for those having difficulty getting results.
About the Author James Ko

It wasn't long ago I felt over stressed, out of shape, and overfat.

I was overloaded with work, bills, kids, To-Do Lists, and projects, I neglected my own needs (my sanity) and became deeply concerned about my health. All while working as a Sports Medicine Physical Therapist helping others reach the pinnacle of their own health and athletic performance.

Feeling like a fake, a hypocrite, I decided to make a change.

It was easy for me to help others improve their health and bodies but very difficult to do for myself. With a busy schedule, constant travel, and high stress, it was impossible to eat healthy and exercise regularly.

This left me feeling even more defeated; and my health declined even further. Things spiraled out of control until one day I thought I was having a heart attack. It scared me. I took it as a red flag warning to make a commitment toward change.

I made it my mission to find a way to make it work. To achieve better health despite stress, bills, work, kids and travel.

One day I stumbled upon a life-altering method. Everything began to change. And now my health and body is better than ever (in many ways even better than in my 20's). I feel incredible. I don't get sick like I used to, and I have high energy to attack the day.

I now have a mission to share it with others. I believe everyone should have access to this groundbreaking information regardless of socioeconomic or educational status. It should not be only privy to the elite and wealthy. So join me. Let me guide you to discovering your inner power and make health, fitness and wellness a reality and lifestyle.

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