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Learn How Men & Women in North Dallas are Getting Tone, Burning-Fat, and Getting Healthy for Life

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The Breakthrough 21-Day Program is a revolutionary yet simple 3-step method that's all-natural, safe and quick. Feel great your first session! See the secret below...
You are stronger than you think...

You've endured a lot--been through much-- yet still here. Your life hasn't been easy but you've overcome.

You didn't come this come this far.

You got more in you. Never doubt your worth or purpose. Move forward...

Your First Step...

It's mind over body...

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Know This...
2 out of 3 Americans Can't Lose Weight or Get Healthy With Traditional Methods

Research studies show that dieting won't work. Lengthy exercises won't work. Pills won't work. Seeing doctors won't work.

The Fact of the Matter Is...

If you want to lose weight AND keep it gone-for-good, it requires 3 things:

1 - "Turning On the Health and Fat-Burning Switch": Your hormones and metabolism ultimately determine whether you're going to get results or not. When you "reset" and detox your body, you begin to lose weight and reduce inflammation/pain immediately without even having to exercise, diet or take any pills.  The next step is...

2 - "Doing the RIGHT exercises that burns fat (NOT muscle)": You can spin your wheels all day or you can get the exact formula that's best for your body (what, how much and how often). Do the wrong exercise routine and you suffer. You won't see much result. In fact, doing the wrong exercises can harm you by putting more stress on your joints, heart and tendons which leads to faster aging and more pain.

3 - "Being Part of a Group":  Research studies prove, you can't do it alone. If you want to get fit and healthy AND KEEP IT FOR LIFE, you need a community. An energetic, positive, and close group of like-minded people all working toward the same goal.  You get fit, flexible and fierce. But more importantly, you begin living your purpose. You breakthrough.

Let's Face It...

With ​all the "self-proclaimed" gurus and coaches out there, it's hard to know ​who to ​trust and ​what to ​believe.

Even well-intended doctors, who know how to identify bones and muscles, don't know how to fix pain and weight problems all naturally.

And there's so much greed...

​​There's so much ​false info, ​fake solutions and empty promises being made in the name of greed, that it's causing more confusion and frustration. Even if you see some benefits from these things, they're short-lived and the problem creeps right back​ leaving you feeling ​​discouraged, disheartened and defeated.

We're Changing All That...

For a Limited-Time, We are Offering 30 Tickets to Our "Breakthrough 21-Day Weight Loss Program" in Lewisville for $210 only $21

Due to the great response to this promotion, and the limited number of spots in our Lewisville gym, this offer expires in...
Must be 18+ or have a guardian present.

​You saved my life.

​I felt such despair before I came here. The first time I came here, when I left I felt like a different person. My pain ​level was immediately 90% less. I was suffering from depression but now I'm not. I'm a different person. Basically I feel you saved my life. I don't know how I can thank you enough. I really don't."

​​JW - ​Lower Back pain

​I'm amazed at the progress that I've made!

I had given up all hope of ever feeling normal again even though I'm not even 40. But I'm amazed at the progress that I've made. It rained all weekend long and my back didn't even hurt!

​Kelly - ​Severe Arthritis of the Spine

​I​'m really surprised how good my back feels!

​I have chronic back pain due to a ruptured disc, L5S1 surgery, and always thought I'd be in chronic pain but right now it actually feels really good!

​Jeff H. - ​Ruptured Disc, Back Surgery

James is by far the best exercise expert I have ever seen.

​His knowledge of the human body and how everything works together...I've never seen anything like it."

​Mike Uhrlaub - Physical Therapist (IA)

​James is an amazing exercise specialist!

His method has influenced the way I treat my own patients, and I now have sessions that patients actually love and prefer."

Dr. Lilly Bojic - Physical Therapist (WA)


​I tried this with my patients and they love it! It's an amazing way to treat chronic pain and have weight loss at the same time. If you are thinking of working with James, it's a no-brainer."

​Reginald Tiu - Physical Therapist (NY)

Amanda Dee
Lead Weight-Loss & Fitness Coach

Amanda helps men and women lose weight, get tone and healthy. She's a certified Yoga and Pilates Instructor but more importantly she has struggled with her weight in the past. She knows what it feels like. She knows the struggles but she also knows the solutions.

  • She will get you on a program that's specifically designed for you. One that works and gets you results quickly.
  • She helps motivate you--especially when you are feeling down. You won't find a better weight loss or fitness coach in Lewisville (or all of Texas).

Amanda loves reading, golf, and traveling but there's nothing she loves more than helping people.

James Ko
Lead Pain Relief & Weight-Loss Coach

James helps men and women fix their bodies for maximum fitness and weight loss for life. He's a certified Fitness Expert, Physical Therapist, and Black Belt. He's helped over 9,372 people fix their bodies, get active, and love life. Part of his passion comes from dealing with pain, weight gain and injury himself. He knows what it's like and how much it can limit a person's potential.

  • He get's you moving and more flexible with ease. The weight and pain sheds off as you perform his revolutionary MultiFunctionalMovement (MFM) sequences.
  • The results will shock you!
  • This pure science-based program will get you to a higher-level health in no time.

On his free time, James loves playing with his 2 kids Mac and Cozy. He reads James Patterson and Nicholas Sparks. Enjoys golfing and traveling but more than anything... loves helping people.

713 Hebron Pkwy Ste. 236, Lewisville, TX 75057
(214) 504-2902
Imagine what it would be like...

To lose weight, increase energy, get flexible, be pain-free, be active and love life.  There's a reason why you are here. This is your chance. It's your moment. The moment is now.

All you need is a scientifically-based 3-Step Simple System that is proven to work, and ​guidance from someone who has the expertise and passion to help.

Join the "GET ACTIVE & STRONG" Movement

Regain your passion for life, health and happiness.
Stop the confusion.
Stop believing the lies.
Make your family proud.
Brighten your future.
Take control.
Be wise.
Live with purpose.

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713 Hebron Pkwy, Ste. 236
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Fitness in Lewisville is being redefined.  It's a science--the body is complex--and we live in a new world filled with toxins and technology that makes it easy to lose health.  Weight loss is a science and in Lewisville can be pricey. Pricey food and pricey consultants (especially for generic food, information and exercises). We aim to change all that.  Weight loss isn't only for heavy people in Lewisville, and just because your "skinny" doesn't mean you're healthy. Many NON-overweight people are living with high blood pressure, back pain, diabetes and more. Even if you don't live in Lewisville, you're very welcome to join!
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