What are you made of? The One Forgotten Truth


There was a time, I didnt care about myself. It was during my first year of college.

I was 18, in a new city with no money. Couldnt afford to live in a dorm and the only thing i could afford was a dump apartment off campus. My father was AWOL nowhere to be seen. My mother was collecting food stamps and standing in line at food shelters for canned food handouts. 

I was angry—down…and depressed.

Eventually, I was put on academic probation and later kicked out of school.

I was so low I had to look up to see bottom. 

But you know what,…I made it. I lived.

That moment was a pivotal time for me. I discovered what I was made of. First survival, then eventually true grit, then a new belief system, then triumph.

I realized that Im more…

Im more than the sum of my circumstances.

Im more than the temporary feelings of despair. 

Im more than the amount of money I have in my wallet or bank account.


Im more.

We are more.

You are more. 

Difficult times force us to discover what we are made of. They make us dig, and dig deep. 

They force us to recognize our fallen beliefs and mistaken ways. The things that lower us and depress our “meant-to-be” nature. They force us to take the fruitful path.

Because thats where our true strengths lie—in the difficult, unknown, and resisted path.

Difficult times awaken the giant that lies within each and everyone of us.

You are a giant.

You are magnificent. 

You are destined to shine. 

With peace, love and hope,


About the author 

James Ko

I'm a geek, and introvert. So i prefer not to have attention on me. But when I feel strongly about something, I feel a duty to share it. Can't let fear stop me, right?! I'm also a dad to two amazing kids, Cozy and Mac :) My mission is to guide people to discover how great they are. It's just something that gives me purpose. Don't wanna live and die with regret; You know what I mean?... So I try. Not always great at it but I try. I'm always sayin it ain't failure until you stop trying. Hope you got something from this post. If you did, great! Share it with others. Because that's what it's all about...People helping people.

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