Have you ever tried yoga to help balance your hormones?

A nice serene place where you can bring your mat and listen to a meditation audio is Lake Park in Lewisville. I enjoy this place. It is very relaxing and helps keep my stress levels down.

Yoga has many benefits. Today I want to talk about how yoga helps balance hormones and why you need to do yoga if you are a woman over 40.

Yoga balances your hormones by significantly reducing your Cortisol. Cortisol is your body’s main stress hormone. It’s also responsible for regulating your metabolism and immune response.

If you are finding it hard to lose weight, have extra fat on your stomach and you are doing everything right, chances are your Cortisol levels are too high. Until you get your Cortisol levels down you wont be able to lose weight.

Yoga is the best way to get those levels down so you can start losing that unwanted fat and start feeling like you again.

Most people know they feel better, more positive, happier, relaxed and present when they practice Yoga. However few people understand why. Not only can yoga calm the mind, but it can physiologically calm the body. It does that by lowering your Cortisol which reduces your stress and fat!

If you’re a woman over 40 and you are not doing Yoga, START NOW. As we age our Cortisol rises. The more it rises the more stress we will feel and more fat we will start to have around our belly. It’s not just important for women over 40, it is essential.

Wether you are a beginner or advanced Yoga practitioner I would love to meet you on your mat.

-Amanda xoxo

If you have any questions about starting yoga for the first time, leave them in the comments below. 🙂

About the Author Amanda Dee

Amanda helps women & men get fit, lose weight, feel great, and become the best version of themselves.
As a certified Yoga and Pilates instructor, her approach to fitness is very unique and effective.
Her studio in Lewisville Texas is a healing haven for those who want personalized guidance.
She loves dogs and animals and being outdoors.
She's a certified Yoga and Pilates instructor with a specialty in nutrition.
It's a pleasure working with her if you ever get the chance.

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